Sample Prospect Termination Letter

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Why do you need A Prospect Termination Letter?

Take a few minutes and let me explain why it is so important

The extra two minutes

It’s one thing to teach your prospect how to fire the competition. Taking the extra 2 minutes to provide them with the tools necessary takes it to a different level.

Every industry is different. Each of us has a different stack of paperwork that we need signed to seal the deal. How many times do you get to a point when you could have closed a deal on the first meeting? But didn’t have the paperwork you needed with you because you didn’t think it would happen? How many times have you taught your prospect how to fire their existing provider? Only to find out that they derailed when you left their office?

I log in to send the Agent of Record Letter email to my prospect. I send the termination letter, script, and bullets to my new client at the same time. We review them and make sure there are not questions. I never leave a successful meeting without the signed AOR, and the competition fired. That’s the glue the keeps my deals together.

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