Have A personal Board of Directors

Learn more about having a personal board of directors.

Why Have a Personal Board of Directors?

Take a few minutes and let me explain why this is so important

the extra two minutes

Although writing a business plan will push you past your peers. You can still take “The Extra Two Minutes” to put yourself in a class of your own. Do you want to have the absolute best business plan you can have and the accountability measures to go with it? If so, you need a personal board of directors.

A solid board is not that difficult to construct. It is something that I have had in place for years. I believe it’s one of the main reasons I have been able to stay on track and be somewhat successful. Many of you have this in place in a very loose format but don’t realize it. It’s time to make it formal.
Your board should consist of people that you trust and respect. It should also be people that can give you feedback and help you stay on track. My board of directors mirrors what I want to be accountable for in my life.

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