Locate your Ideal Prospect

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How to find your ideal prospect?

Take a few minutes and let me explain why it is so important.

The extra two minutes

Anyone can buy a prospect list. Having that unique connection is only achieved through personal research. It makes you effective at opening opportunities. It assists you in overcoming objection and at the closing table. While I outlined the process of how I compiled my list, I didn’t give you all the goods. The fact is, there is one more step that takes an extra moment for you to complete: research the buyer. People don’t sell to companies. They sell to people. People don’t buy from companies. They buy from people. Period.

There are plenty of resources online today. There is no excuse for you not to know your prospect before you meet them. Take the time to visit LinkedIn to see your shared connections. Look at their Facebook profile to see the pictures of their family. Understand their interests, where they like to vacation, what they do on the weekend. These are all talking points when you finally meet. If nothing else, Google them! Then, build this information into a natural conversation. Build rapport at the beginning of a first, in-person meeting. Be slick about it. Nobody likes a stalker.

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