Prospect Rejection Example Video

An example of a video template that we created and embedded into a landing page for when we get rejected

Take a few minutes and let me explain why this is so important

The extra two minutes

Guess what? It also works if you got denied! Take time, do a video template and say something like this:

“I stopped by to introduce myself to you today. Unfortunately, we were not able to connect. I did provide some information to your team member that will help you and your firm. I wanted to thank you in advance for reviewing it. “

When you send the follow-up email, embed a thumbnail in the email, and link it to a landing page with the video. You can have some text around the folder redemption program we mentioned earlier. Include an embed of your calendar so that they can have the opportunity to book a time from that landing page. Prove you are creative and different. Also, you are capturing metrics about click-throughs, etc.

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