How spending an extra 2 minutes on nearly anything in your sales career will take you from good to “best in class”!

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How Can This Book Help You Close More Deals?

Let’s face it. Everyone in the world today is in sales in some capacity. Some of us are selling a potential spouse. Some of us are selling a product. Some of us are selling a service. Some of us are selling information. Is there a difference? In this book, David R. Carothers dives into a series of actions you can take that will move your sales game from good to best-in-class regardless of what you are selling!

What if you discovered the difference between you being a good salesperson and being a great salesperson only requires an extra 2 minutes of your time? Would you believe it? In “The Extra 2 MInutes” David unpacks over 30 years of sales experience to show you the basic, easily executable tasks you can complete to separate the gap between you and your competition.

By focusing on giving your prospects and clients an unforgettable buyer’s journey culminating in an awesome client experience, you will raise your compensation, close rates and client-retention to a level you may not have dreamed possible.

While it will take you longer than 2 minutes to read this book from cover to cover, it has been formatted in such a way that you can read it in small snippets and immediately put the information to use. Not only will you receive easy to read examples and real world stories of success, each chapter comes with a specific activity and the supporting resources needed to implement that process into your daily routine.

Here's What Other People Are Saying:

“David leads readers on his journey into sales—starting in elementary school! He has built a successful business by going that extra mile, taking that extra two minutes to set himself above the competition. This book is an easy read that takes you through that process step by step, with plenty of resources along the way. Good for those just starting out as well as seasoned professionals that want to take their game to the next level. There are plenty of tips in this book to make your approach good, but then he adds that little something that makes it better.”

Vonda Copeland, Copeland Insurance Agency, Manhattan, KS

“David Carothers is one of the most relatable, insightful and immediately impressive people I know in the sales profession. As an insurance professional of more than 15 years, his accomplishments are the stuff of legend.

The content in “The Extra 2 Minutes” book will help anyone in sales who wants to refine their skill set, level up their conversions and makes more money.

Purchasing this book is an investment, not an expense. If you put these ideas in to practice, your likelihood of achieving greater success in your sales career is 100.00%.”

– James Jenkins, RiskWell, Plano TX

“I’m all in on David Carothers’ methodology. His approach to commercial sales is ushering in a new era of rock star insurance salespeople. If you’re serous about growing your business, David Carothers should be your guru and his program should be the first thing you log into every morning.

– Ryan Hanley, Founder, Rogue Risk, Albany, NY

Extra 2 Minutes Book

Here's What You'll Learn From This #1 Amazon Best Selling Book:

  • What you need to prepare for battle
  • Why you need a personal board of directors
  • How to locate your ideal prospect
  • How to make an unforgettable first impression
  • Why creativity is important
  • Use video to engage with prospects
  • Why you need to arrive to your appointment early
  • Why researching prospects is paramount

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About the Author David R. Carothers

David R. Carothers has held positions in sales and sales leadership throughout his career. Currently, he is the Agency Principal of Florida Risk Partners, LLC a full service insurance and risk management firm in the Tampa Bay area. In his current role, David is responsible for identifying, recruiting, training and retaining high quality sales talent. During his 3 decades in the workforce, David has held jobs in door-to-door sales, retail, e-commerce, business to consumer and business to business sales. Because of his diverse background, David has been able to witness the habits of excellent sales professionals across a number of mediums. His unique experience has allowed him to create a definable set of actions that are simple to implement but nearly never used.

The greatest deal David has closed comes in marrying his wife, Andrea. When he is not working, David enjoys spending his time with his wife and 4 children: Grayson, Landon, Ethan and Caroline. Whether spending the day at a theme park, relaxing on a cruise boat or spending a long weekend fishing in the Florida Keys, time with family is David’s number one priority.