Questions Leading to a No

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Why create a script allowing prospects to say no?

Take a few minutes and let me explain why this is so important.

the extra two minutes

To increase your chances of booking an appointment on your follow-up, create a script. A script allows the prospect to answer your initial question with “no.” A few paragraphs ago, I told you that you don’t want to give the prospect a clear path to no. Keep in mind, that is only when you are going for the kill shot. It is a good idea to allow them to say know in the opening of a conversation. I challenge you to do it. Here’s why: No makes them feel like they are in control. Subconsciously, when a prospect tells you no, they feel like they are in control. You are allowing them to feel in control while you are setting them up for the kill shot.

I realize this is an entirely different train of thought than usual, so work with me. Only for a moment, if you are at a roadblock and “getting to yes” isn’t an option. Why not start by letting them feel in control? Lob them a big fat softball that they can answer with no.

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